Vision Statement - FICE-USA

FICE - USA envisions a world where all children can grow up in a stable and loving family within an environment of nurturing, safety and security. We aspire to a vision for the world, where every child has access to; housing, food, healthcare, quality education and is embraced as a valued member of their society.

We wish to work for a world in which all children and young people will have the opportunity to grow, learn and develop through out their lives being connected to a rich network of friends, family and neighbors. We hope for a world where all children and young people have freedom of thought and are supported in individual choice in major life decisions.

It is our vision that when a child or young person has unique needs that result from disability, mental retardation, violence, autism, health or abandonment, they will have access to and receive effective services and supports. It is our vision that no child will be separated from their family and community because of illness or disability. We seek a world in which all children have inherent and equal value regardless of ability, disability or circumstance.

If a child has the misfortune to live in an area of conflict or that of a failed state, the rest of the world has an obligation to protect vulnerable children and young people and work towards creating a hopeful and secure future.

We believe that the non government sector (non-profit) of society has a very important role in addressing the needs of children, families and communities working in partnership with government and business. It is essential that the government and business sector provide; policy, financial support and leadership to assure effective and comprehensive systems of care adequate to meet the needs of children and young people. We believe that members of the non government sector have an inherent and substantial responsibility to collectively share; vision, experience, expertise and resources with one another.

It is essential that children and young people be afforded a full set of legal protections, rights and due process within the structure of a functioning legal system.

The dreams, aspirations and needs of children and young people are universal, sharing common elements across time, societies, nationalities and cultures. We wish to support children and young people in experiencing world citizenship and a global view relevant to their own life experience. We believe that the experience and opinion of children both individually and collectively is relevant to the development of public policy and services.

It is our vision that non government organizations are most effective when they draw on their common values, shared vision and collective experience, recognizing the commonality of the human experience.

We all walk the same path and we should help each other along the way.