How to Join FICE - USA


Sponsoring Members serve in a leadership role of FICE - USA. Their dues contribution is used by FICE-International to provide support to a partner FICE national section in a country that is in the process of developing its child serving system. The dues are used to assist in operating costs and travel to FICE events. The Sponsoring Member is encouraged to develop an enduring partnership sharing expertise, technical assistance, professional exchanges and leadership tours. Sponsoring Members may be individual NGOs or Associations representing many agencies and or individual members. The dues for Sponsoring Members is $4,975.00 per year.

AGENCY Members

Agency Members are associations, agencies and NGOs wishing to support FICE International's aims. Agency Members may attend the Federal Council, the FICE World Congress and may serve on the Board of FICE - USA.

Agency Membership is $500.00 per year

Individual and Organizational Membership

The Federal Council has recently authorized a new policy to permit individuals and organizations to join FICE-International directly if there is no National Member in their country for them to join.

They do not have votes in the General Assembly or Federal Council, but at the discretion of the President, they may attend and take part in FICE-International's activities. Members joining in this way may become involved before deciding how best to establish a National Member organization in their country.

The annual subscription is 200 Swiss Francs for organizations and 40 Swiss Francs for individuals.

The Benefits of Membership

The benefits of Individual and Organizational Membership of FICE-International are:

  • a hard copy of all material circulated to National Members by FICE-International
  • access to all Federal Council papers
  • access to confidential material on the closed FICE pages of the FICE-International web site
  • reduced prices for published material for sale
  • access to the PEP scheme and other FICE projects
  • eligibility to stand for office in FICE-International
  • attendance at Federal Council meetings as observers at the President's discretion
  • the right to attend General Assemblies
  • a reduction in Congress fees.

Individual and Organizational Members do not have the right to vote, either at the Federal Council or at the General Assembly.

  • all the benefits open to Individual and Organizational Members
  • the right for representatives to speak and vote at General Assemblies and Federal Council meetings, thus contributing to FICE's policy-making and decision-making
  • a lower total subscription to FICE-International than if their members had joined directly as individuals or organizations


If you wish to join FICE - USA, you should contact the President's office.

Dennis W. Felty
President FICE - USA
Keystone Human Services
8182 Adams Drive
Hummelstown, PA 17036

dfelty @