FICE International International Federation of Educative Communities

FICE National FICE-Europe
This website carries a lot of information about FICE-Europe, projects in hand and National Members in Europe on FICE-Austria ANCE-Luxembourg Caring for Children
CfC is FICE-England and Wales. Co-sponsors the web magazine Children, on, in which it has a home page. FICE-Denmark FICE-Finland FICE-Hungary FICE-Netherlands
A new Associate Member is the Association of Experts on the Problems of Children. IGfH
The IGfH is the National Member of FICE for Germany

Non-FICE Links Department of Health
The Department's website carries a lot of Government consultation documents, reports, statistics, legislation and other material. It is a useful starting point for research in the field of child care in England The Children Webmag
A monthly magazine for those interested in Child Care. UNICEF
With its strong presence in 191 countries, UNICEF is the world's leading advocate for children. Statement – Rights of the Child
EU Presidency Statement on Item 67: The Rights of the Child, by the Permanent Mission of the United Kingdom to the United Nations, on behalf of the European Union, Third Committee, Sixtieth Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations, New York Pennsylvania Advocacy and Resources for Autism and Intellectual Disability
PAR was incorporated in 1970 as a statewide, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. PAR's mission is to strengthen the capacity of its membership to provide person-centered services to Pennsylvanians with intellectual disability and/or autism. American Network of Community Options and Resources
ANCOR is a nonprofit trade association representing private providers who provide supports and services to people with disabilities. ANCOR is distinguished in this industry by its balance of leading practices resources and advocacy for member agencies and the people and families they serve and support. General Social Care Council
The GSCC was set up recently to regulate social care for all client groups. It registers social workers and residential childcare workers, and will in due course register other groups of people who work with children and young people. It is responsible for codes of conduct and the assessment of foreign qualifications for their acceptability in England. National Children's Bureau
An important NGO which has established a good reputation for research and development work in children's services Child On Europe
European Network of National Observatories on Childhood