Sponsoring Partner

Keystone Human Services

Keystone Human Services is a family of nonprofit organizations working together to serve the community. Keystone is committed to creating an environment where all people can grow, make choices, and be valued and contributing members of society. Keystone Human Services provides comprehensive services in the areas of; children and youth, families, autism, mental retardation, mental health, early intervention and child development. Keystone provides services in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut, Moldova and the Russian Federation.

Strategic Direction

Keystone Human Services will play a major role in creating the emerging human service delivery system and will compete successfully with both profit and non-profit human services organizations. We will accomplish this in part through the creation of multiple comprehensive integrated delivery systems. In all of our endeavors Keystone will work to assure responsiveness to families, including encouraging their participation at all levels of the organization.

Keystone has the capacity to deliver to all of our funders the best quality products and innovation at competitive pricing.

We continue to strive to improve our services through increasingly effective and efficient use of the resources available. We work to increase quality and reduce costs through extensive use of data, research, analysis and quality systems.

We continue to serve as an important interface between government and the communities we serve, and continue to influence public policy and engage in public education. In this role we play an important part in designing the emerging human service system of this new century.

Keystone maintains an organizational structure with central control and governance that allows other organizations to work with us in designing and developing, competitive, integrated, comprehensive service delivery systems.

Keystone will enter into a limited number of strategic alliances and partnerships with other key profit and non-profit organizations. Each year, we acquire increased product and geographic comprehensiveness through service creation and acquisition of both profit and non-profit companies.

Keystone will develop and effectively utilize those qualities, unique to its non-profit nature, which allow us to offer value added services in the market in which we compete.